This is my round-up post for all of the Who Needs It? de-cluttering & organizing posts I’ll be making. This could end up containing several months’ worth of frequent or occasional posts. You will also find all my Who Needs It posts under the “de-cluttering 2014” tag.


January 12: De-Clutter 2014 (prelude, 3rd floor closet, upstairs bathroom)

I’m also going to record a little data to keep my morale high–

Who Needs It 2014 Totals!

Trash Bags Filled: 4

Rooms Cleaned: 1

Storage Areas Cleaned: 5

Items Sold: $0


3 thoughts on “#WhoNeedsIt

  1. I love your data! I can’t wait to see how much you are able to let go of and or how much cashola you bring in because of items sold. CASH MONEY! NEW SPACE! YESSSSS….. Too far?!

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