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In this blog, I’ll provide some information about the services our girls are receiving, but despite my education and work history, I’m not currently a professional working in any of those areas of child intervention. I’ll try to fill in any gaps with relevant links so you can read more about some of the more technical aspects of the girls’ therapies. (I will definitely be able to elaborate on some of the behind-the-scenes experiences involved with having children who are receiving developmental therapies, in case anyone is wondering about what it’s like to have up to six friendly young women in your house at the same time for six hours a day.)

I will, overall, try to be aware of not generalizing our experience to apply to other families of kids on the spectrum. Really, you can’t compare these kids to one another any more than you can compare any two children. I can’t tell you what will be best for your child, but I can give you some information about our journey and experiences, and you can use that information to inform your conversations with your child’s pediatrician, other specialists, with your spouse, with your family. That might include things like strategies that have worked for me in terms of keeping organized, managing multidisciplinary teams, navigating difficulty working with different types of professionals/personalities, advocating for yourself and your children, trying to find room for “self-care” when you’re in “parenting overdrive”, and trying to keep your sanity. (Let’s assume that at some point I’ll figure out at least some of those things myself.)

I’ll be honest here! I’m not here selling a book or a “how-to” guide. I won’t know how to do everything, I may advocate a position that I change my mind on later, and while I’ll try not to get technical unless I know how everything works, I may occasionally make a statement that is factually incorrect. I’ll be flying by the seat of my pants here, but I won’t be careless. Please bear with me while I navigate this very big, very bright, very overwhelming world of parenting two children with special needs. If you are a professional or seasoned parent who identifies an error in my blog, please feel free to contact me with a correction or alternate perspective. I’m hoping to learn through this experience as well as lend some helpful information myself, and I welcome your input.

I’m going to keep adding links as I find them, so check in with my blog roll and links section as it grows!


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